Veterans Memorial Gardens & Interpretive Centre World War Two

These service panels represent the first stories to go into our gardens for the soldiers of World War Two.

We have many stories already translated and awaiting layout and creation and many that we are looking to complete their stories.

If your family member is not listed here, it may be that we are working on their story or that we do not yet know of them.

Please consider contacting us, we'd welcome hearing from you about your soldier. exec.director@motorcycletourism.ca

Frederick Bruce Albright
Arlidge, Walter Elijah
Bessent, Henry Roberts
Bond, Walter George
Callaway, Richard
Cuthbert, Armorny Egerton
Donaldsdon, Harold Mclntosh
Ettiott, Delbert Alvin
Foley, Albert Lou
Gravel, Marcel
Heath, Ivan Massey
Hurtubise, Paul Emile
Johnston, Henry George
Kerr, Leslie Walter
Krawchuk, Steve Lawrence
Lay, William Robert
Mearon, Frederick
Miller, Hugh John
Alex, Dan John
Basarab, Loius
Bisson, Andrew
Bone, George Albert
Charest, Roger Arthur Joseph
Dalgleish, Neil John
Dupuis, Ronald Joseph
Exner, Alphonse August
Gilmour, Richard George
Griffith, Thomas Richard
Hotte, Alfred
Ireland, Frank Lawrence
Jorgenson, Aage
King, Donald Ingham
La foy, Tip Orlando
Lessard, Orel Adelore
Mearon, Sydney
Ducharme, John Clifford
Anderson, Joseph Charles
Bayley, Samuel Elmer
Boisson, Gaston Raymond Eugene
Brown, Maurice Raymond
Conolly, John Louis De Vere
Dodge, James Harper
Eastman, Thomas Allan
Fish, George Henry
Graumann, Elmer Nathaniel
Hansley, Edward Burrows
Howard, Graham Wilson
Ireland, George John
Keay, Charles William
King, William George
Langlois, William Robert
MacNeill, Ronald
Melnyk, Peter
Mcleod, Edward Gilbert

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