Honouring The Loyal Edmonton Regiment

Army Training Base 132 Grande Prairie and NW Alberta’s Military Heritage

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We have a number of items that Veterans Memorial Gardens & Interpretive Centre would appreciate support for:

Trees: $275 per tree with a small plaque with your name and the name of the person the tree is in honour of.

Service Panels/Historical Information Panels: $275 gets your name listed as a sponsor on a historical or service panel.

Pedestals: $1000 sponsors one pedestal that a service panel or historical information panel rests on. your name also gets listed as a sponsor on a historical or service panel.

Victory Gardens: $550 at Home Depot purchases a 4 x 4 personal gardening space with a greenhouse lid and storage underneath.

We are in need of 8 gardens so that we can support veterans, seniors and single parents who need support with food security to get the gardening help they need.

Utilities - approx. $600 per month for gas, electric, internet (wifi), water sewer and insurance per month. These are estimates as our building will not be installed until sometime September/October, 2019.


  • Donating of Bulbs, shrubs and perennials is always appreciated.
  • Volunteering time to weed or plant in the gardens, to wash down the service panels in the spring and fall.
  • Clear snow or help us otherwise keep the place clean and tidy.
  • Volunteering to help out during our own events at our facility.
  • We'd welcome you as a member for $25 per year!

You can donate by EFT to exec.director@motorcycletourism.ca

OR call us at 780-933-0182 to discuss a sponsorship or other donation.

Thank you for your support and consideration.

Metal Memory Benches by Metal Lord


These benches are created with your company logo.

$2,500 creates 2 benches one for your location and one for our gardens!

Follow them on Facebook or Instagram and connect with them through the contact form on their website for more details:


The Flower house
The Flower house

Victory Gardens have been grown by patriots wanting to help themselves and their neighbours during times of war and angst.

These personal gardening spaces will help our community gain some measure of food security during this uncertain time of the COVID-19 pandemic. These Palram Plant Inn's can be purchased at Home Depot for $544 + Taxes

The flower house
The personal

The personal "Victory" gardens will go along the south fence-line/back alley area.

Location & Contact:

 The Veterans Memorial Gardens & Interpretive Centre

10121-93 St.

Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 2X3

Email: exec.director@motorcycletourism.ca

Phone: (780) 933-0182


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